County of Orange (California)
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

Orange County Sheriff's Department
Communications & Technology Division

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County and City RACES/ACS and Affiliated Units

County of Orange RACES ACS (OCRACES) (W6ACS)
RACES Program Coordinators:
Peter Jimenez, KI6UTE, OCSD Emergency Communications Coordinator; Work: 714-704-8080; Fax: 714-704-7902
       Erik Schull, KE6BVI, OCSD Senior Telecommunications Engineer; Work: 714-704-7937; Fax: 714-704-7902
Chief Radio Officer:
RACES Capt. Ken Bourne, W6HK
Radio Officer - South Squad:
RACES Lt. Scott Byington, KC6MMF
Training Officer and Assistant Radio Officer - North Squad:
RACES Sgt. Tom Tracey, KC6FIC
Assistant Radio Officer - North Squad:
RACES Sgt. Jack Barth, AB6VC
Assistant Radio Officer - North Squad:
RACES Sgt. Ernest Fierheller, KG6LXT
Assistant Radio Officer - South Squad:
RACES Sgt. Bob McFadden, KK6CUS
General Meetings (open to all):
First Monday of each month (second Monday in September), 1930 hours, 840 N. Eckhoff St., Suite 104, Orange (location sometimes changes to Loma Ridge or other)
URL: https://ocraces.org/ and https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ocsd-races/info (Yahoo! Group)
Open Repeaters:
146.895 MHz (136.5 Hz PL), net Mondays at 1900 hours
       52.62 MHz (103.5 Hz PL)
       223.76 MHz (110.9 Hz PL)
       29.64 MHz (107.2 Hz PL)

City of Anaheim RACES (W6APD)
RACES Coordinator:
Sagar Patel,
Administrative Analyst, Emergency Management & Preparedness, Anaheim Fire & Rescue; Work: 714-765-6952; Fax: 714-765-4008
Chief Radio Officer:
Jonathan Ramos, W6TFK
Assistant Chief Radio Officer: Ducky Breton, KW6ACK
First Tuesday of each month, 1815 hours, Office of Disaster Preparedness
URL: https://www.facebook.com/AnaheimRACES/ and http://www.anaheim.net/1209/RACES

City of Brea RACES (W6BRE)
RACES Coordinator:
Lisa Keyworth
, Police Dept.; Work: 714-990-7622; Fax: 714-671-4424
Radio Officer:
Dick Bremer, WB6DNX
Fourth Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, City Hall, Room C, 2nd Floor
URL: http://www.ci.brea.ca.us/404/RACES

City of Buena Park RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Sgt. Mike Lovchik
, PIO, Police Dept., Work: 714-562-3915; Fax: 714-523-2911
Chief Radio Officer:
Bill Lovelace, K6MET
Assistant Chief Radio Officer:
John Eng, KI6BWU
Alternate Radio Officer:
Jason Ho, KJ6VSV
First Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, Police Department

City of Costa Mesa Emergency Service Amateur Communications (MESAC) (RACES)
RACES Coordinator:
Jason Dempsey, Emergency Services Administrator, Costa Mesa Police Dept.; Work: 714-754-5333; Fax: 714-754-4919
Chief Radio Officer: Patrick Williams, KJ6PFW
Radio Officer:
Eric Bowen, W6RTR
Fourth Wednesday of each month, 1830 hours, 99 Fair Drive
URL: https://mesac.org/

City of Cypress RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Loree Erpelding, Police Dept; Work: 714-229-6620
Chief Radio Officer: Chris Romines, W6CAV
Chief Technology Officer: Ed Kane, W6ONT
Logistics Officer: Loree Erpelding, KJ6DRP
Radio Officer: John Montgomery, W3FDF
Radio Officer: Bob Shaw, KI6NFF
Radio Officer: Tom Sibley, KI6EYL
Radio Officer: Wade Stinebaugh, KI6OUH
Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month

City of Dana Point RACES (Tri-Cities RACES)
RACES Coordinator:
Aaron Rosen, Emergency Services Coordinator; Work: 949-248-3579; Fax: 949-234-2820
Tri-Cities RACES Chief Radio Officer: Joe Lopez, W6BGR

Radio Officer:
Drew Holtz, KI6IZD
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 1900 hours
URL: http://www.tricitiesraces.org/

City of Fountain Valley Amateur Communications Team (FACT) (RACES) (WA6FV)
RACES Coordinator:
Marco Avila, Police Dept.; Work: 714-595-4885; Fax: 714-593-4459
Chief Radio Officer: Alan Hill, W6ARH
Assistant Radio Officer:
Steve Blakesley, KI6ATO
First Saturday of each month, 0730 hours, 10200 Slater Ave.
URL: http://www.fountainvalley.org/335/RACES and http://www.qsl.net/fvraces/

City of Fullerton RACES (K6FUL)
RACES Coordinator:
Kathy Schaefer, Division Chief of Administration/Fire Marshal, Fire Dept.; Work: 714-738-6511
Radio Officer: Gene Thorpe, KB6CMO
Fourth Thursday of each month (except November and December), 1830 hours, 1580 W. Commonwealth Ave. (location sometimes changes)

City of Huntington Beach RACES (HBRACES) (W6HBR)
RACES Coordinator: Brevyn Mettler, KI6FRG, Fire Dept., Emergency Management & Homeland Security Office; Work: 714-374-1565; Fax: 714-374-1591
Chief Radio Officer: Jim Hansen, KG6ZDP
Assistant Chief Radio Officer: Greg Turlis, K6GAT
https://w6hbr.net/ and https://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov/government/departments/fire/emergency_preparedness/races/

City of Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications (IDEC) (RACES) (N6IPD)
RACES Coordinator: Sgt. Jasper Kim, Police Dept.; Work: 949-724-7000; Fax: 949-724-7077
Radio Officer: Pete Bergstrom, K6PB
IDEC Captain:
Leo Keefe, N6YH
IDEC Operat
ions Lieutenant: Bob Pestolesi, KE6GYD
Fourth Thursday of each month, except third Thursday in November and none in December (contact IDEC or listen to Thursday-night net for meeting location), 1900 hours
URL: http://www.cityofirvine.org/office-emergency-management/idec-ham-radio and http://www.n6ipd.org/

City of Laguna Beach Emergency Communications Team (LBECT) (RACES)
RACES Coordinator:
Jordan Villwock, Public Safety Dispatcher, Police Dept.; Work: 949-497-0389; Fax: 949-497-0775
Assistant RACES Coordinator:
Darin Lenyi, Field Services Division Commander, Police Dept.; Work: 949-497-0375; Fax: 949-497-0775
Chief Radio Officer: John Kountz, WO1S
Second Monday of each month, 1900 hours, Police Department, 2nd floor conference room

City of Laguna Niguel ACS (WE6ACS)
ACS Coordinator: Phil Robinson, City Emergency Services Coordinator, Work: 949-362-4312; Fax: 949-362-9840
Chief Radio Officer: Dale McNulty, N6IOK
Deputy Radio Officer:
David Gorin, KB6BXD
Third Thursday of each month, 1900 hours, City Council Chambers
URL: http://www.cityoflagunaniguel.org/90/Auxiliary-Communications-Services

City of Laguna Woods RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Chris Macon, City Manager; Work: 949-639-0525
Chief Radio Officer: Bruce Bonbright, NH7WG
Deputy Radio Officer:
John Pilger, K6PIO
Assistant Radio Officer:
Jim Riedel, K6EEE
Assistant Radio Officer:
Don Schwab, K6IAA
Meetings: First Thursday of each month (except July and August), 1030 hours, Club House 1 DR3

City of Los Alamitos RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Robert Acosta, Emergency Services Coordinator; Work: 562-431-2255, ext. 445; Fax: 562-431-6499
Chief Radio Officer: Michael Peer, WD6CDN
Assistant Radio Officer:
Art Remnet, KM6RSY
Second Wednesday of odd months, 1900 hours, alternating between Seal Beach and Los Alamitos Police Departments

City of Mission Viejo RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Paul Catsimanes, City of Mission Viejo; Work: 949-470-3017; Fax: 949-458-1386
Chief Radio Officer: Charley Speelman, WA6RUZ
Training Officer:
Bob McCord, K6IWA
First Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, 200 Civic Center

City of Newport Beach RACES (K6NBR)
RACES Coordinator:
Sgt. Brandon Rodriquez, Police Dept.; Work: 949-644-3665; Fax: 949-718-1065  
Chief Radio Officer: Jim Robertson, KK6NK
Assistant Radio Officer: Larry Somers, KB6FW
Meetings: Second Thursday of each month (except July, August, and December), 1900 hours, 870 Santa Barbara Dr.
URL: http://www.nbpd.org/programs/races_program.asp

City of Orange Amateur Radio (COAR) (RACES) (W6OPD)
RACES Coordinator:
Carmen Cardenas, Police Dept.; Work: 714-744-7328; Fax: 714-744-7320
Chief Radio Officer:
Will Stoddard, KJ6IA
Assistant Radio Officer:
Cliff Guice, KG6MIG
Assistant Radio Officer:
Don Poysa, KØVNJ
First Tuesday of each month, 1830 hours, 1107 N. Batavia Ave.
URL: http://www.cityoforange.org/1399/City-of-Orange-Amateur-Radio-COAR-Volunt

City of Placentia RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Steven Torrence, Police Dept.: Work: 714-993-8176; Fax: 714-524-3459
Radio Officer: Mark Garrett, KG6CAV
Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, City Hall, 401 E. Chapman Ave.
URL: http://www.placentia.org/races

City of San Clemente RACES (Tri-Cities RACES)
RACES Coordinator: Steve Foster, City Emergency Planning Coordinator; Work: 949-361-6109; Fax: 949-492-5289
Tri-Cities Chief Radio Officer: Joe Lopez, W6BGR
Radio Officer: James Hammons, N6JWL

Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 1900 hours

City of San Juan Capistrano RACES (Tri-Cities RACES)
RACES Coordinator: Lynne Mata, Safety & Emergency Services Manager; Work: 949-234-4565; Fax: 949-234-4566
Tri-Cities Chief Radio Officer: Joe Lopez, W6BGR
Radio Officer: Gray Bickford, WA6BJY
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 1900 hours

City of Seal Beach RACES
RACES Coordinator: Cpl. Brian Gray, Police Dept., Emergency Services Coordinator; Work: 562-799-4100, ext. 1165; Fax: 562-493-0634
Chief Radio Officer:
Mark Stanford, W6MCS
Assistant Radio Officer: Dick Crowe, KG6XJ
Second Wednesday of odd months, 1900 hours, alternating between Seal Beach and Los Alamitos Police Departments

City of Westminster RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Ellen Lopez, KF6PWV; Police Dept.; Work: 714-548-3211
RACES Coordinator II:
Sgt. Bill Drinnin, Police Dept., Work: 714-548-3734
Radio Officer: Chi Nguyen, KE6MVS
Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of odd months, 1800 hours, 8200 Westminster Blvd.

American Red Cross, Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino Counties, Disaster Services TechnologyCommunications (WB6QDG)
Monica Ruzich, Disaster Program Manager–Disaster Cycle Services; Work: 714-481-5329
DST Communications Region Lead:
Steve Holte, KK6QAP
Orange County DST-Communications Training Lead: Dave Popko, AF6TN
North Orange County DST-Communications Lead: Bill Rose, KA6HMS
Third Thursday of odd months, 1900 hours, 600 Parkcenter Drive, Santa Ana

Orange County SKYWARN
Coordinator: Scott O'Donnell, WX6STO
Assistant Coordinator: Manny Vizinho, KG6IQL
NWS San Diego - SKYWARN Weather Spotter Program Manager:  Alex Tardy
URL: http://www.swskywarn.org/, https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SW_SKYWARN/info, https://www.facebook.com/OCSkywarn, https://twitter.com/OCSkywarn, and http://www.weather.gov/sgx/

For City and County updates, please e-mail Lee Kaser and Ken Bourne